Josh Verne Loves To Share Success And Hog Failure

If there is one thing that is a sign of a caring man, it is the willingness to share in the successes but make sure that he takes on the majority of the failures. This is a responsibility that a business leader has. Josh Verne takes this type of responsibility very seriously. As a matter of fact, he understands that this is a large part of being a leader. A leader not only leads the way in a journey, but he also makes sure that he is able to take on most of the fall in the case that things go wrong.


Josh Verne tries to view his employees as equal to him. Therefore, he makes sure that he takes the time to avoid being the boss who just gives out directions and believes that his way is the only way. Instead, he is willing to take in some suggestions. Often times, the boss often does not have that much respect from the employees. Josh Verne understands that there are some people that have much better ideas about certain projects. Therefore, it is important that he is willing to receive input from other people in the team so that they can make it to the next level of success.


Josh Verne believes in sharing the credit, but protecting his employees from a large part of the fall if a setback occurs. This is one sign of an honorable leader. One of the reasons that Josh is so generous as a leader is because he is doing the type of job that he wants being a businessman and running his own business. He also understands that he has more freedom than his employees because he runs his business. This is something that is worth pursuing for a lot of people that have ambition.

Did the City of Edmonton Provide Flood Maps to Promote Globalization?

The City of Edmonton has taken the opportunity to provide their citizens with important neighborhood maps after widespread 2016 flooding. Mother Nature has been on a rampage in some places and people are a bit worried. Edmonton residents are the first Canadians to have access to flood maps of their cities.


“Insurance Companies Already Know”


For years, the banking industry had access to credit scores, but didn’t tell anyone about it. Finally, these records were made public. It seems that the same is true for insurance companies and flood maps. When Edmonton experienced numerous floods in 2016, the residents wanted more information.


Postmedia made a “Freedom of Information” request to force the City of Edmonton to reveal the flood maps to the homeowners. Of course, one would think that this would be readily available already. Insurance Bureau of Canada vice president Craig Stewart said that he has a nationwide map of flood plains.


Some residents think that their homes were built in previous prairie sloughs, lakes or swamps. Edna Carnegie, said “This house was built on a slough and our basement is caving in. Our whole house is caving in,” …. What should the City of Edmonton do about that?


“Is this a part of globalization?”


“Finally, the province ordered the City of Edmonton to make these flood maps available to the citizens. Resident Bill Monro was happy to see it. “Insurance companies know this already but ordinary people don’t,” he said.”


Global investors are naturally comparing the United States and Canada for property purchases. The United States has many sources for looking up property information, but Canada is quite far behind. Thus, some might believe that providing more access to flood information might be a part of globalization.


Now, Edmonton can compete with Seattle, Portland and San Francisco for global investors. This is a win-win for Canada because it can help keep the property market strong. The United States benefited greatly by making house information available to the public in the 1990s.


Insurance companies have already had this information, allowing them to properly measure risk. Now, Edmonton is leading the nation in providing this valuable data to the public. Edmonton continues to be a global trend-setter.


The Midas Legacy, A successful Wealth Advisory Firm

The Midas Legacy is a reputable research services firm headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida. The company offers research services for individuals and businesses seeking to be successful in their endeavors. The clients are individual investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and success-based organizations.

What Midas Legacy Offers

Individual investors can now seek expertise advice from Midas Legacy on how to better manage their funds and improve their returns on investment. Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to transform their situations can also get financial advice before commencing their businesses. The company also offers all-round advice on general life improvement using natural healing mechanisms, proper financial planning, and retirement preparedness.

The Midas Legacy’s objective is to guide every client towards the lives they desire. To achieve that, the firm provides resources that are proven to offer beneficial impacts on lives of their members. It covers different disciples including real estate, finance, self-development, entrepreneurship, retirement, and natural health, among others. Any member seeking to sign up of membership is provided with a free Midas Code book.

Expert team of Professionals

The Midas Legacy is backed by a qualified team of professionals with several years of experience in different fields. They include bestselling authors, multimillionaire entrepreneurs, successful stock market investors, and more. Their aim is to help the members achieve success in their various endeavors.

Giving Back to the Society

Midas Legacy has given donations to the Florida Sheriffs Association that saw it being recognized as a Gold Business Member from the donations given to the association. Another special venture in the hearts of the Midas community is the Give Hope Foundation, a local non-profit charity organization that provides support to Central Florida families suffering from childhood cancer. The firm gives frequent donations towards medical expenses, financial aid, and emotional support to these families.

Join their support efforts:

Midas also supports the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which was founded in 1962 to provide pediatric research and treatment to children suffering catastrophic ailments. St. Jude is transforming the way the world understands, defeats, and treats childhood cancer and several other terminal illnesses. The firm is also part of Wounded Warrior Project, a veterans and charity service organization that organizes many programs, events, services that support he wounded veterans from the U.S military forces. The organization came into existence after the incidence of September 11, 2001, that shocked the whole country, and the entire world.

10 Simple Tricks to Improve Smartphone Photography

Taking pictures with a smartphone requires the same disciplines as taking pictures with any camera. Here are ten tips from Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa to turn your banal phone pics into amazing photographs.

1,) Take Your Time

The quality of the cameras integrated in smartphones has improved dramatically over the years. As a result, there really is no excuse to take bad pictures. Therefore, take your time. Set up a good composition with an interesting subject, and the right lighting.

2.) Use the Rules of Composition

According to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, learning the basics of good composition can make the world of difference in your photography. The Rule of Thirds is a good place to start.

3.) Come Closer
Let your subject fill the frame. It is as simple as that.

4.) Get Rid of Flash
Flash creates artificial ambiance and is often very harsh and unnatural. Use natural light whenever possible.

5.) Use Third-Party Applications
These applications generally provide more creative control than the software pre-installed on your phone. There are many third-party camera applications, but some of the most recognized are Camera +, Manual, ProCamera, Camera ZOOM FX, and Camera 360.

6.) Learn How to Use the Third-Party Application
One of the most beneficial aspects of having a third party application is that it allows you to adjust the settings that best suit the scene you want to photograph. Adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO will allow you to get exactly the photo you want.

7.) Use HDR
High dynamic range(HDR High Dynamic Range)is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps you achieve a balanced exposure in a photograph containing many reflections and shadows. On the other hand, if over used, you can create pictures that look a little strange. Learn it, but use it moderately.

8.) Experiment Using Filters
Instagram popularized the idea of photographic filters, but there are tons of applications that allow you to apply a specific combination of effects in order to give a new look to your photo.

9.) Learn to Edit
The idea of learning to edit photos can be somewhat daunting. There are loads of online courses you can take, but learning to make small adjustments to a phone application is quite easy and fun. You will get photos that look better than those with a standard filter. VSCO is a great free way to edit photos, and Snapseed is another good mobile option.

10.) Always Keep the Lens Clean

As your phone will be in and out of your pocket or purse all day, it is possible that the camera lens will get dirty. Clean up the lens regularly says Figueroa. If you really want to move up in your photography with your smartphone, always brings a cleaning cloth and use it often, not just when you go to clean the screen.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive, and native of Venezuela.

Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa currently is a prominent member of the business community in Panama, helping businesses grow, mentoring young leaders and improving economic conditions.

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Chris Burch Discusses Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Chris Burch recently participated in an interview with a New York business weekly magazine where he discussed several beneficial qualities for entrepreneurs to possess if they wish to enter the venture capital industry. Burch, who has successfully launched three separate businesses including the Tory Burch fashion line that he spearheaded with his ex-wife, has become an expert in marketing venture capitalism to a new generation of entrepreneurs through the development of his new company, Burch Creative Capital. Burch’s business model is supported primarily through the businessman’s ability to spot talented entrepreneurs and help cultivate the abilities that they already possess. During his interview with the New York business weekly magazine, Burch stated that he looks for entrepreneurs who possess self-discipline and focus, a creative spark, and a driving passion.


Self Discipline and Focus

Chris Burch stated that the key factors in his decision to select an entrepreneur to invest in are self discipline and focus. Self disciplined entrepreneurs are attractive to Chris Burch because these individuals are usually able to complete their stated goals. Individuals who are extremely focused on the development of their businesses generally become successful in their professions because of their ability to press through difficult circumstances and situations until their goals are achieved. Burch stated that self disciplined entrepreneurs are individuals who do not give up on their business ideas within the first year, which is generally the most difficult one.


Creative Ingenuity

The successful businessman also discussed the fact that he seeks creative ingenuity in the entrepreneurs who’s businesses he decides to support. Burch stated that creative individuals are often difficult to find in the venture capital industry. Because creative people are not typically business-oriented, they sometimes allow others to control the business side of operations while they create new ideas. Burch believes that creative individuals are the best entrepreneurs that he can find because business skills can always be taught, but creativity is difficult to teach.


Driving Passion

Another key quality in entrepreneurs that is difficult for Birch to teach is passion. Birch stated that it is vital that entrepreneurs possess a passion for their business that will drive them consistently toward excellence. If this element is missing, the entrepreneur will usually continue to shift from business model to business model seeking a career that comes easily. Burch ended his interview by stating that entrepreneurs who possess these vital qualities will almost certainly become experts in their industries.

Freedom at Last for Correctional Agencies through Securus Technologies Visitation Initiative

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, and corrections. It monitors remote Video Visitation in Prison agencies across America. Remote video visitation is a superb way for inmates to connect with their beloved. It’s the ”Skype” of modern prisons, but more secure. Securus Technologies connects more than 160,000 inmate visits per month. Christmas holidays, birthdays, and everyday victories will no longer be told over the phone or recapped on scheduled visits. Inmates will now be able to enjoy live experiences.


Word from the Securus Leadership


The Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies are well pleased with this landmark innovation. Securus has connected families to jailed inmates on their birthdays and to witness their kid’s daily activities. These long lasting impressions demonstrate the importance of Securus’ remote video visitation.’ We are connecting souls that they care deeply about – that means so much to them in harsh prison environments,’ said the Securus Technologies Chairman.


Awareness of Video Visitations


Most people prefer the new technology since it cuts on travel time, transport costs, and getting screened into jails while visiting their loved ones. Agonizing waiting lines as well as parking costs is now a thing of the past for many prison families. Prison administrators have a security responsibility that people need to understand. Security in correctional facilities is a top priority for most jailors. Screening and monitoring of visitation in correctional facilities is taken very seriously. Therefore, Securus Technologies take these matters critically.


About Securus Tech


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3,000, law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies. It also serves over 1,000,000 prisoners all over North America. Securus Technologies commits to serving the correctional fraternity by providing crisis response, disaster management, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, information management, and inmate self-service. It is also responsible for monitoring products and services to make our world a better place to live. Securus Technologies focuses on linking families, the most important thing a parent or a child could ever desire.


Clay Siegall & The Future of Seattle Genetics

When it comes to getting things done efficiently and effectively, Seattle Genetics is one company that delivers on it’s promises. Cancer Research is big business and time consuming. Biotech Companies doesn’t have the luxury to wait around because people’s lives are at stake. Seattle Genetics is by far the most dominate force in Antibody Based Therapies. The company’s flagship medicine (ADCERTIS) is revolutionizing cancer research and it’s direct delivery gives cancer cells a knockout blow. ADCERTIS is known as an Antibody Drug Conjugate or (ADC). These medications deliver cell killing agents straight into cancerous cells within the body. Another benefit of this is that it spares non-target cells, which cuts down on nasty side effects.

Being such a large company that delivers such high quality products, Seattle Genetics is led by one of the industry’s leading doctors. Clay Siegall is one of the co-founders of this company and he currently runs the organization as it’s President and (CEO). Dr. Siegall has extensive knowledge of cancer research and he uses his knowledge well in the form of rigorous research, scientific innovation, and the development of cancer fighting drugs. He’s a George Washington University Graduate where he received a Ph.D in Genetics and he attended the University of Maryland where he received a (BS) in Zoology. After college Dr. Siegall took off on his professional career and has worked with many prestigious organizations such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, The National Cancer Institute, and The National Institute of Health. It seems like there isn’t anything that he can’t achieve in the field of work, but the company has many more premium medication in the works.

Dr. Clay Siegall is somewhat larger than life thanks to his impeccable resume. His brilliance is all over the internet and his social media accounts are sparked with activity on a daily basis. As of 2016, Seattle Genetics is worth an estimated $4.7 Billion. The future is looking brighter thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall and his life saving company known as Seattle genetics.

Seattle Genetics’ CEO Clay Siegall Transforms the Biotechnology Industry

Clay B. Siegall is one of the most influential individuals in the biotechnology industry. At the moment, he works as the chief executive officer and president in one of the most reputable biotechnology companies in the world, known as Seattle Genetics. Siegall is also the chairman in the board of directors.

Clay Siegall went for his Ph.D. studies at the Washington University. He specializes in Genetics, and he uses this knowledge in running the biotechnology company. Siegall also studied Zoology at the University of Maryland.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by the biotechnology expert. He has always had a strong passion for helping individuals suffering from cancer. Clay Siegall is also very passionate about scientific research and drug advancement practices, and this motivated him to start the biotechnology company.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall has worked hard to ensure that Seattle Genetics becomes successful. He is always the driving force behind most of the company operations, especially in the capital raising activities. Clay has a lot of leadership skills, and these have played a crucial role in positioning the company as a leader in the development of antibody drug conjugates. The first product from the biotechnology company is called, the scientist facilitated Adcetris, and its FDA approval in the year 2011. The antibody drug conjugate has done well in the international platform, helping to cure over ten thousand cases of cancer. The powerful drug is currently being used in sixty-six nations worldwide.

Before cofounding Seattle Genetics in the year 1999, Clay had worked in several biotechnology companies in different positions. This exposure gave him a lot of experience, and this is why his organization has been doing so well. Siegall serves on several boards of directors. He interest in cancer treatment has helped companies such as Mirna Therapeutics in advancing their treatments.

Due to his numerous achievements in cancer research and treatment, the scientist has received several awards. In the year 2013, he was given the University of Maryland Alumnus of the year in Math, Natural Sciences, and Computer. His company, Seattle Genetics has won several awards too because of its achievements, especially in cancer treatment.

City of Edmonton Provides Historical Flooding Data to Residents

Is your Edmonton home in a flood zone? Before your neighborhood was developed, was your house at the bottom of a lake, swamp or stream? Amazingly, Americans have already had access to this home information for years. Fortunately, the residents of Edmonton are the first Canadians to get this important information: historical home flooding data.


“Canadian Insurance Companies Have Flooding Data”


Americans can go onto Zillow and find out all that they would like to know about their home or any home in the country. Wouldn’t Edmonton citizens like access to that information? Of course, they would. In fact, as the Canadian property market opens up to global investors, more individuals are wondering why the home values are not listed publicly. Wouldn’t you like to know if your house is in a flood zone “before you purchase it?”


Of course you would. With the recent 2016 flooding, Edmonton residents took the opportunity to ask their local City Council for access to this data under Postmedia’s Freedom of Information. The Edmonton City Council said “No.” So, the citizens went to the provincial court. And there, they won.


“Is Canada Opening Up?”


The City of Edmonton released flooding data that went back to the 1940’s and became the first Canadian area to do so. In fact, Edmonton added other maps to show, which houses tended to be flooded, more regularly. They used “red” to identify the flood-prone areas.


Now, prospective buyers can look at these maps and identify whether they want to purchase “flood-prone” homes. Insurance companies had already had access to this information for years and used it to write home-owners policies. Could this be the beginning of a trend to provide more information to Canadian homeowners?


Of course, a free people should have access to the information that is directly applicable to them. Is flooding data not important for homeowners? Don’t they own their homes or are their homes owned by the insurance companies?


Thankfully, Edmonton has opened up its records to the public. When flooding occurs, all might suffer. Now, all can plan for the future and find a way to deal with this problem. Perhaps, Mother Nature used the floods to improve the access to information. Now, Edmonton can grow.


IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s Excellent Business Strategies

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is one of the largest providers of technical services, contingency support and other support services. The company was founded in 1990 and has built its reputation by identifying complex problems and finding solutions to them while keeping up with the technological advancements in the various industries it operates in. It has grown rapidly over the years it has been in operation and now has about 100 operations in the US and in various other countries in the Middle East and Europe.Through restructuring and acquisition of some companies’ business units which complement the services offered by IAP Worldwide, the company has greatly improved its operations and significantly increased its market reach.

IAP’s Restructuring

In 2014, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. and some of its subsidiaries and affiliates were restructured. Kaye Scholer represented IAP’s bank and some of its creditors in the restructuring of the company. Over 80% of the IAP Worldwide’s debt was converted into equity and this tremendously improved the company’s overall liquidity position. The restructuring was done out of court and both the bank and the creditors were happy with the outcome.

IAP acquires two of DRS Technologies, Inc.’s business units

Towards the end of 2015, IAP Worldwide acquired the Aviation and Logistics (A&L) business unit of DRS Technologies, Inc. whose operations are in Oklahoma City, OK. It also acquired DRS’s Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business unit (TCNS) whose operations are in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Thanks to these acquisitions, IAP can now add other aircraft repair, logistics, communications support, mission support, engineering and IT services to their service offering. This has been one of the most strategic acquisitions for IAP Worldwide and is part of their business strategy to grow organically as well as inorganically. It will broaden the range of services that IAP provides to its clients and will greatly increase its market reach.


IAP’s success is mainly attributed to its excellent leadership and commitment to providing consistent and reliable services. According to Mr. Douglas Kitani, the company’s CEO, IAP has a customer-focused business strategy that enables them to gain their clients’ trust as they always strive to provide high standards of service and exceed their clients’ expectations. The company is also constantly improving the way it runs the business as it strives to make its operations very efficient so as to cut down on costs and pass the savings on to their clients. With its excellent leadership and such clear strategies, IAP is definitely going places.

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