Edmonton Economy Must Diversify For Stability

When the world market price for oil is high, the economy of Edmonton booms. Unfortunately, when oil slumps, Edmonton’s economy always follows suit. The dominance of the oil industry makes the local economy a constant and often agonizing boom-or-bust ride.


City leaders want to put Edmonton on a more even economic keel. Ending the agonizing feast-or-famine cycle means greater economic diversification.


In short, Edmonton must stop placing all its eggs in one fossil fuel basket and create new ways to generate jobs and wealth


To this end, the government of Alberta has issued a series of grants with the goal of identifying other business models that could thrive in this vast western Canadian province.


Just what those other entrepreneurial models might be makes for constant debate. Experts point out that agriculture has long been the traditional anchor of a strong economy, so bolstering farmers, farming and agribusiness industry may be a key piece of the puzzle.


Another area of interest is high tech development. Alberta will allocate $90 million in tax credits to lure high tech players to Edmonton (and other locales), and to incentivize homegrown tech start-ups.


The energy sector itself is still considered a central way forward, except in this case it means encouraging non-fossil fuel alternatives, such as building more wind and solar into the infrastructure. Increased natural gas power plant use and construction is also a major part of a diversified energy plan.


In a place where coal and oil have long been dominant, the fact that city and provincial leaders are considering alternative energy development scenarios is a significant sign that developers are serious about change.


While alternative energy ventures are risky and expensive, the potential for a high payoff is considerable. Analysts say the renewable and sustainable energy sector could attract $10 billion in investment and as many as 7,200 jobs.


Yet another popular idea is to invest in the film industry. Other locations in Canada, especially British Columbia, are raking in millions from Hollywood studios and other venues in the entertainment industry.


The Edmonton area thinks it could get a larger cut of the entertainment pie with more attractive public grants and tax incentives for film makers to make movies here.


No Room for Super-Sized Designs

It’s no secret that America is facing an epidemic in obesity. Many of American women are overweight and don’t realistically represent the slender, sleek women on billboards or in magazines. The increase in waistlines would seem to be indicative of a need for a different, more inclusive, designs in fashion industry. However, the major fashion designers seem to be neglecting the idea, that their designs are not reaching the majority of consumers. Let’s face it, the average woman is not a size 2. Fashion designers design clothing representative of a imagined reality. It seems like the designers present their lines in order to provoke a sense of inadequacy instead of empowerment. The article written by Tim Gunn in the Washington Post,https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/09/08/tim-gunn-designers-refuse-to-make-clothes-to-fit-american-women-its-a-disgrace/?utm_term=.48fe3ec388fa, presents a valid argument that the reality of tall, thin, beautiful women, portrayed by the fashion industry is in fact a misrepresentation of the real American woman.

It’s unfortunate that “plus- sized” women are not included in the beautiful deigns that flood the runways. There is such an opportunity to promote individualism , realism, and unity at such fashion shows. The fact that all women represent a different kind of beauty, and each type of women should be presented in the designers clothing lines. Everyone is born unique. Every shape, size, and build is in own way beautiful. It’s amazing that with the consistent talk of acceptance of self, and loving your own kind of beautiful,their is not an opportunity to love your body in your favorite designers clothes, unless of course you change your body.

It is a fact that being “overweight” can be unhealthy for anyone, so it may necessary to lose weight to be healthy. However, everyone has a different body type and one person’s healthy weight maybe different than another person’s, and it should not be solely depicted upon the fashion industry’s interpretation of what’s good and what’s not. It’s so important that designers make sure that they are showing that everyone can be beautiful regardless of size, shape, or anything else. The average woman deserves the opportunity to feel good and look their best, so when will designers supersize their designs?


Aurora Cannabis To Construct World’s Largest Marijuana Facility in Edmonton

Construction is coming to the Edmonton International Airport, but it won’t be passenger jets getting individuals high into the sky. Aurora Cannabis, Inc., a medicinal marijuana manufacturer entered into an agreement with the airport to construct a 75,000 square metre facility on airport grounds near the passenger terminals.


Once completed, the facility will have the distinction of being the planet’s largest legal marijuana manufacturing facility. The construction is needed to accommodate the legalization of medicinal marijuana. The manufacturing plant looms to the equivalent of nine football fields and will grow and harvest marijuana.


The new airport facility will bring 2000 new construction jobs to Edmonton and is seen as a boost to the local economy. Once completed, the manufacturing facility will benefit Edmonton, as Battley commented, “It’s a good fit with our other industries. They’re going to need logistics, they’re going to need transportation, one business is going to support and benefit the others.”At full capacity, the site will be able to produce annually, more than 100,000 kilograms of cannabis.


According to Cam Battley, Aurora executive vice-president, “Canada is the world leader in medical cannabis and we will be the world leader in consumer cannabis,” He indicated there are nearly 130,000 individuals in need of medicinal marijuana, to treat chronic conditions and pain. “With an anticipated 3.8 million Canadians buying (recreational) cannabis, that’s an order of magnitude larger than it is today,” Battley further remarked.


Once completed, the enormous facility will employ 200 full-time individuals. Aurora Cannabis is the only licensed medicinal marijuana distributor in Alberta. It operates a 5,000 square metre facility north of Calgary, Cremona. That facility is scheduled to expand to assist the airport location in fulfilling the demand for medical marijuana.


In compliance with government mandates, Aurora Cannabis will fulfill orders via Canada postal mail and website apps only. There are no retail locations. Aurora Cannabis selected the airport location due to its proximity to air carriers and over the road trucking distribution. Seeking to provide consumers with a hassle-fee ordering experience, Aurora Cannabis seeks to model its distribution matrix similar to that of Amazon.



Why you need to Maximize on the Opportunity you have

Before venturing in any career or business, there is a certain driving force or desire that pushes you to the venture. To some, it’s the desire to help others, others are so passionate about the abilities they have they can’t wait to exploit them. For many business persons, identifying an untapped opportunity is crucial to them.

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman of his time. He ventured into real estate business, and there he exploited the opportunity he landed. He has played a major role in helping those who are disadvantaged and thus cannot gain financial help from other financial institutions.

Todd’s businesses

Todd used the knowledge he gained from Crestar Mortgage Corporation; where he began his business career as a loan originator. From the firm he learned more about conservative mortgage banking while working alongside the team of financial experts. Through his role, he developed relations with a lot of Real Estate Agents, Insurance agents and financial planners whom he interacted with on a daily basis.

Lubar later acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial group. Through the platform, he expanded his capabilities and knowledge and became a loan broker. He then decided to venture into the Real Estate business by opening legendary properties, LLC. He facilitated rehabilitation, purchasing, selling and profiting on many properties. Through this, he enhanced relations with the people he transacted with.

Todd Lubar later opened a charter funding, a move that contributed to his business expansion. Having gained experience in the market, he tapped into a niche of under satisfied clients. This niche motivated him to form Legendary Financial, LLC, which provided financial support to clients who could not gain financial aid through the traditional lending sources.

The business paved way for other opportunities and ventures to other lines of business such as automotive scrap metal recycling business and commercial demolitions among others.

Todd Lubar is a loving father, who loves spending time with his kids and traveling. Despite the many deals he closes on a daily basis, he always creates time for his loved ones. After all, the family keeps one going.

Edmonton, Canada News

Students from Edmonton, Canada have come together to build prosthetic hands for children that are over seas. Recently, 20 students from Jasper Place High School and Argyll Center joined Queen Elizabeth high school in building prosthetic hand parts. The owner of the print your mind 3-D company, Colin Pichke, and Dublenko organized this event.


They started out by taking part in the Kid wind challenge, and they would build wind turbines. Then, Pishke, started his own company so they began finding ways to use 3-D printing to help children. They found a program called the Enable Community Foundation, which is a non profit group of engineers and designers that design products for people to 3-D print, and you can use them to donate to charitable causes. These designs are open-sourced and accessible online now.


The prosthetic hands that they are creating was designed to help a person that is missing significant parts of a hand, but can still control parts of the wrist. When these prosthetic hands are worn, the person using it, can close the hand and fingers by bending the joint forward. This allows the person using the prosthetic hand to grab things, such as, a ball, cup, and other small objects. The first hand went to a four year old little girl. She was missing fingers on one hand, and she went home with a new prosthetic hand. According to Dublenko, there were a lot of tears shed that day.


One of the students named, Jack Boryski, 17, whom is a grade 11 student at Jasper Place earned a credit on Friday for special credits. He stated, “I like helping people and building things has always been lots of fun. When I was a little kid I had K’nex and Lego and I was trying to build things. I recently just found my K’nex and tried to build a hand. Didn’t work very well.”


These hands will soon be sent to the Enable Community Foundation and they will be distributed to people around the world.




Brian Bonar Financial Guru


Do you want to take your finances to a new level? If so, you need to figure out a way to work with Brian Bonar. He has had a wonderful career in the world of finance, and he wants to help as many people as possible with the investing process. Many people today need additional help trying to get things done.

With all of the changes in the economy today, you need to adjust your investments appropriately. If you are someone who is trying to invest, you need to make sure you understand what you are looking at. Brian Bonar is someone who has helped a lot of people take things to a new level.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is someone who has had a lot of success in the financial industry. Over the years, he has helped a lot of people get to the next level in a variety of ways. Many people today are interested in taking things to a new level in this area of their life.

The great news is that small changes can yield big results over time. For example, you can start to invest for your future today by simply matching what your employer puts in your 401(k). This is something that Brian Bonar always recommends if you are not already doing so. Over time, these small changes will dramatically impact how much you can help others.


There is a lot of risk involved with investing. If you want to do something without risk, you are going to greatly decrease your projected returns. Over the long term, a lot of people have decided to invest for the future. With all of the changes recently in taxation and investment options, you need an expert to help bridge the gap to where you want to go.

Over the long term, the small changes that you make will help you reach your goals. Just changing your investments by a little bit can radically expand the options that you have in the future.


According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has done a great job of building his business and helping others over the long term. With all of the changes in the economy today, a lot of people are excited about what he is going to offer others. If you are interested in taking things to the next level in your life, he can help you in a variety of ways.

Come by and get his advice on a number of subjects in order to advance your life and your career. He is someone who is ready and willing to invest with you for the future.

Why Edmonton is Canada’s Food Capital

Hundreds of food lovers recently lined up Edmonton’s streets to witness the inauguration of the first Jollibee location in Canada. The opening of the outlet by the Filipino fast food chain effectively establishes Edmonton as Canada’s food capital. A majority of those who turned up were anxious to have a bite of the chain’s world-famous chickenjoy fried chicken. The Jollibee’s expansion to the city comes with an unmatchable dose of nostalgia.


Most people who attended the opening are Filipino immigrants, who grew up savoring Jollibee’s delicacies back home. The outlet is will therefore help them recreate their childhood memories. Back in Philippines, Jollibee is the dominant fast food brand. It operates more chains than its nearest competitors such as McDonalds and KFC. The chain has grown rapidly over the past few years. It has more than 3,000 locations globally.


Popular Jollibee Delicacies in Edmonton


The Canadian location will carry on with the chain’s tradition of offering high quality and delicious fast foods at affordable prices. Its top delicacies are peach mango pie, chickenjoy fried chicken, halo dessert, pineapple-topped burgers, and sweet-style spaghetti. Products used in the preparation of these fast foods will be locally sourced, something that will boost Edmonton’s economy.


Why Edmonton was Chosen


Edmonton is home to more than 60,000 Filipinos. Most of them have fond memories of Jollibee since the brand and its delicacies was part and parcel of their upbringing back in the Philippines. The city has the largest proportion of native Filipinos in Canada. Tagalog, which is a popular Filipino language, is widely spoken in the city.


Jollibee’s head of operations in North America, Jose Minana asserts that the company’s entry into the lucrative Canadian market has been in the works for a long time. He points out that they are looking forward to gaining a foothold because they will make delicacies with the famed Filipino attention to detail in mind. Plans are in the pipeline to open outlets in Winnipeg and Toronto.


Jollibee in Brief


Jollibee was established in 1975 as an ice cream and burger parlor in Manila. In the past four decades, it has experienced remarkable growth that has seen it become the 9th biggest fast food chain globally. It is particularly popular with Filipinos in diaspora since it represents part of their national heritage and pride. The brand has equally established itself as an icon of Filipino hope and joy.


Taking Over the Family Business – An Insight Into JMH Development

When one talks about the world of real estate development, one of the top names to be mentioned is that of Jason Halpern, the man behind JMH Development. With investments that currently amount to $500 million in development projects in the state of New York, the success of JMH development can primarily be attributed to the commitment and persistence of the professional team of workers at JMH. Having said that, in order to understand how JMH Development rose to be recognized as one of the top real estate development companies today, it is only fair that Jason Halpern’s efforts are highlighted and commended, for he is the backbone of JMH and the man behind it all.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Born on January 1, 1975, Jason Halpern was heir to the family business of JMH Development and having inherited the company in 2010, Jason Halpern rose to power and made his way to the top as the owner of the vast empire of JMH Development. The company focuses on building luxury apartments, townhouses, and other rental property and commercial buildings, but what sets it apart from other competing real estate agencies is the uniquely crafted and innovatively articulated design that distinguishes the architecture of these real estate properties from the rest. With major investments in New York, the distinct way in which JMH takes an old building and turns it into a glamorous building that hosts luxury apartments is a factor that has paved the way for massive success for the company.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

In addition to building apartments, JMH has also thus far secured investments and business ventures in projects for building hotels and luxury townhouses. Development projects are not only restricted to the state of New York but in fact span across the U.S. Some of JMH’s more recent developments include a 235-room hotel on Aloft South Beach, located in one of the prime areas of Miami.


Throughout its years of success as a full-service real estate development company, JMH has primarily focused on desirable and profitable markets, which has proven to be the key to the expansion of its empire. The other contributing factor, which has undoubtedly led to the growth of the JMH business, is the very fact that the company is particularly keen about its internal functions, in that the team of experts at JMH is highly skilled and well-informed of practically every important aspect in the field of real estate development, and employs effective strategies that are incorporated with the expertise and knowledge that these professionals possess.


Never has there been an occasion when JMH has failed to deliver on its promise of providing the highest quality and the fact that the company revolves around its narrative of historic preservation is enough to prove its efficiency and innovativeness.

Edmonton To Undertake Projects Worth $228 Million

Projects that are to cost Edmonton $228 million have been approved. The residents of Southside Edmonton will see the construction of a new Heritage Valley Park and a ride next summer. The news came after an official funding agreement was signed on Thursday morning. The projects form the first phase of the federal transit stimulus package. It is one of the dozens of maintenance, planning, and growth projects that have been approved.
The Mayor, Mr. Don Iverson, said that he hoped that Anthony Henday Drive would soon be a one stop on a rapid bus link between Heritage Valley town and the Century Park LTR station. The design for the 3000-stall park and ride is already in progress. The Mayor also said that their primary objective was to deliver a rail in the area. He continued by saying that they were slowly nearing the accomplishment of their goal through the generous contributions of the federal government.
Half of the $228 million has come from the federal government. A quarter from the province and the other quarter from the city. The Federal Infrastructure Minister, Mr. Amarjeet Sohi, said that he would discuss the contribution breakdown of transit cash at the meeting with their provincial counterparts in the coming week. Mr. Don Iverson stated that he was eager to hear what Alberta is willing to contribute toward Building Canada Fund projects. The funding had been earlier announced in February. The cash was to be fast-tracked. Edmonton is hoping that the money from the funds will include cash for grade separation for the tracks crossing 75 and 50 Street and upgrading Yellowhead Trail.
Mr. Don Iverson identified the primary challenge around the Yellowhead Trail to be the manner in which the province will match the federal government funding to go on with the projects in the short duration. However, he was hopeful that the team would come up with a resolution. He continued by saying that they were in talks about next construction season realistically.
Mr. Don Iverson was disappointed that the funding formula for the stimulus package had Alberta contributing 25 percent, which was less than the 33 percent originally expected. Alberta Infrastructure Minister, Mr. Brian Mason, said that some provinces were providing 33 percent.

The Kabbalah Center Helps People to Achieve Fulfillment in Life by Teaching Them the Kabbalistic Principles

The Kabbalah Center is a California-located non-profit organization that delivers Kabbalistic teachings online and via study groups based in different regions and cities across the globe. Philip Berg collaborated with Karen Berg, his wife, to develop a model for teaching the Kabbalah wisdom. The Kabbalah Center manages a multi-ethnic, team of talented teachers who provide Kabbalistic teachings and guidance to its ever-expanding global student community. The Center offers its teaching to interested individuals regardless of their religious background, economic status, and political affiliations.

The origin of the Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein launched the first Kabbalah Center called Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in 1922. In 1965, he joined hands with his student, Rav Philip Berg, to launch The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in the U.S. After the death of Brandwein; Philip and Karen Berge founded a New York-based Kabbalah Center. The Los Angeles- located Kabbalah Center was started back in 1984. Following the death of Philip, Karen and Michael took over as managers and spiritual teachers of entity. Currently, the organization has over 50 subsidiaries globally. The major branches are located in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto.

What does the Kabbalah Center teach?

  • Sharing: According to the Kabbalistic wisdom, people can receive fulfillment in their life through sharing. Sharing is also an ideal strategy for overcoming forces of negativity such as ego. When people share, they bond to the force of energy, which Kabbalah refers to as the Light – the Endless Source of Goodness, the Creator, and the Divine Force.
  • Awareness and overcoming ego: Ego is a force that causes people to be self-centered, narrow-minded, hurtful, negative, hateful, and irresponsible.
  • The presence of spiritual laws: There are numerous spiritual laws in the world that impact on the lives of people. Law of Cause and Effect is an example of a spiritual law that states that what one sows is what one reaps.
  • We are all connected: Kabbalah state that every individual has a unique spark of the Creator, which binds everyone into one totality. This concept indicates that every person must be treated with respect.
  • Creating miracles by leaving your comfort zone: Sacrificing your comforts in order to help others can bring light and blessing into your life.